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Network Design and Configuration – Whether you’re in  need of a new installation, or expansion and/or optimization of your existing network, SBTS network architecture experts can design or configure an extremely fast, reliable and cost effective network for your business.  Is your network sluggish or are you having other problems?  We will perform a no-cost audit of your existing network, provide you with a detailed report of our findings and recommend the best remedies for your networking issues. 

Installation and Wiring – SBTS will install all your network appliances and perform all required wiring with our own staff.  We do not subcontract out those services as many other tech companies do, or require you to find a wiring contractor on your own.

Network Administration – Adding a new employee or workstation?  Need an employee’s access rights modified?  Changing or adding email accounts?  SBTS can provide both on-site and remote network administration services as well as remote server/workstation/network health monitoring to ensure smooth, reliable operation of your system.  

Security – Having problems with viruses, malware or spyware?  SBTS can incorporate the finest hardware based security appliances into your network configuration. Firewalls to prevent unauthorized access to your system, spam and virus filtration devices to prevent the downloading of malware, and website blocking appliances to stop access of unauthorized or harmful web pages by your employees will protect your network from all the nasty stuff out in cyberspace.

Thin Clients and Virtual Desktops – Are you finding that your workstations don’t have the power to run today’s latest programs?  SBTS can implement a Virtual Desktop solution for you eliminating the need to constantly upgrade your workstations.  Thin Client systems running on your workstations use a minimal amount of computing power since your applications run on a Terminal Services Server.   

Virtual Private Network Setup and Configuration – Secure remote access to your workstation is a breeze with a Virtual Private Network set up by SBTS.  Access everything on your workstation as if you were at your desk.  Combine a VPN with a Virtual Desktop system to allow your entire staff remote access your network!

IP Phone Systems – SBTS can also integrate a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Phone System into your network.  The latest in voice communications, VoIP systems eliminate many of the traditional problems associated with older PBX based systems.  Or go all the way with a Unified Communications System which provides complete communications  management on your desktop for your phone, email and instant messages, all of which can be integrated with your employees’ smart phones for a complete communications solution.

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